Agility & Speed

Are your employees adapting at the pace of change?

The one constant is change. Growth, mergers and acquisitions, strategic shifts, leadership transitions, regulatory compliance, technology adoption, market disruption, budget cuts; the truth is, your organization is almost guaranteed to face a significant change at any given moment. These changes gain velocity every year, requiring organizations to adapt more rapidly than ever before. Are your people ready to adapt? And how quickly can they help your organization take advantage of new opportunities or navigate through new challenges?

Change may be a given in today’s work environment, but it still causes disruption and stress. People in changing environments are asked to adopt new processes. Utilize new technologies. Adjust to new leadership styles. Deal with worries about job security. The list goes on. In a low-trust environment, constant change can increase turnover and can slow the adoption of processes and tools. Miscommunications can lead to errors and quality issues, and in certain environments, such as healthcare, it can be dangerous or even deadly to make mistakes.

Partnering with Great Place To Work® helps you to build a resilient company where:
  • Communication is better and more transparent, helping people adapt to new situations faster
  • Leaders set the tone for honest and upfront discussion of issues
  • Leaders and employees alike are more willing to take necessary risks.
  • Decisions are more effective, as people are willing to share and discuss ideas.
  • People are more likely to trust the intentions of their leaders and peers, leading to decreased resistance to change
  • Voluntary turnover decreases, especially during challenging times
Organizations partner with us to:
  • Assess and respond to the state of trust in the organization, including drivers of trust and mistrust.
  • Prepare leaders to build strong, resilient relationships with their teams
  • Help executives navigate organizational changes by leveraging culture, mutual respect, and trust
  • Measure the improvement in retention, employee engagement, and financial performance

Build a Great Workplace Culture