People Manager Capability Building and Certification

This program enables managers to assume responsibility for making a change, to create trust-based, high-performing teams. The program includes a senior leadership orientation session, and customisation of the manager workshops based on client context. The managers undergo a structured 2-day Giftwork® Training for Managers workshop, followed by 90 to 120 days of reinforcement initiatives with various touch points for the participants at regular intervals including review sessions to track action plans. The intervention ends with measurement of impact based on feedback from teams of the managers who have undergone the program, followed by recognition and certification of successful managers.

How It Works

People Practices Certification

In the context of building great workplaces, it is a universally accepted proposition that the quality of employee experience determines whether or not an organization is a great workplace. Great Place to Work® Institute will design and implement a people practices evaluation process which will not only evaluate the efficacy of your organization’s current people practices, but through a structured assessment methodology, certify those people practice areas which are at par with or better than the industry and / or national benchmarks. The unique methodology involves studying the design and efficacy of people practices, seeking employee feedback through Focus Group Discussions, benchmarking with industry and best workplaces and rating by a Workplace Culture expert.

Great Place to Work® Architect Certification

Creating and sustaining Great Workplace culture require relentless focus, unwavering leadership commitment and a strong, competent and passionate team in any organization. No longer is this just about annual surveys and feedback. While surveys and data analysis could be the beginning of this journey, an organization committed to this goal needs to invest in building an internal team of coaches, experts and evangelists who will advise, support and drive this goal.

These are the people we called ‘Great Place to Work® Architects’.

Introducing a program designed by Great Place to Work®, India to enable organizations to create and support these Architects. This program is designed for –

  • Chosen groups of middle to senior managers from line and Human Resource / Learning & Development / Organizational Development functions who have been entrusted with the responsibility of driving the Great Place to Work philosophy and values in the organization.
  • Professionals from Human Resource Business Partner function who drive employees experience at their unit level through day-to-day interactions.
  • Anyone in an organization who has the role of Employee Champions.

This program will enable the participants to understand, appreciate and apply the tools, techniques, best practices and philosophy of a Great Workplace to their respective organizational contexts and bring about real, sustainable changes to the culture and performance of these organizations. This program is highly customized to meet the unique needs of the client organization and accounts for the challenges and dilemmas faced by the participants in their role as Great Place to Work® culture builders.

Give your workplace culture an edge by getting certified as a ‘Great Place to Work® Architect’.

Build a Great Workplace Culture