Great Place to Work® Fundamentals Workshop

What does it take to create a great workplace?
Based on more than 25 years of research into the culture of the world’s best companies, this foundational workshop includes presentations of core Great Place to Work® concepts. This workshop, aimed at the senior leadership in your organization, rests on the premise that workplace culture is a key driver for sustained business success and is designed & facilitated by the Institute in form of a one-day or two-day module and provides a perspective on what it takes to be a great workplace. The workshop helps to examine the definition of a great workplace from the employee viewpoint, the comprehensive Great Place to Work® model for understanding the relationships that impact employee perceptions of the workplace, the role that managers play in creating such an environment and derive actions that managers can take to begin the process of creating a high trust culture. Through a simulation, leaders get an understanding of the current perception on the Great Place to Work® framework and use that to create a roadmap for the organization. This engaging workshop is reflective and action focused. Case studies and best practices from Best Workplaces help to strengthen the learning.

Trust Index© Action Planning Workshop

Trust Index© Action Planning Workshops are onsite learning events designed and facilitated by the Institute’s experienced consultants, to delve deeper into your Trust Index© results and understand the key strengths and critical show-stoppers within your organization. The Trust Index© Action Planning Workshops are available in one-day or two-day modules. Aimed at the leadership team, apart from collectively prioritizing key focus areas that will drive a High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM and arriving at concrete action plans by utilizing the employees’ perspective from the Trust Index© survey, the workshop also creates a common understanding of a great workplace among the participants. The workshop can also be conducted with internal engagement champions as a Train-the-Trainer program. The organizational action planning workshop can also be followed up by Business or Function level action planning workshops.

Giftwork® - People Manager Workshop

Building trust in the workplace is a powerful investment in your team and in your company.
Over time, it leads to better recruitment, lower turnover, more loyal customers, higher productivity, and just as importantly a more fulfilling experience for managers and team members alike. The Journey Workshop (Giftwork® Training for Managers) was conceived using this insight as the base and to help organizations translate this into behaviours and actions by managers that impact the creation of great workplaces.

Giftwork® Training helps you develop the capabilities of your people managers to transform your organization, one team at a time. Using the tools and techniques provided, managers will develop their skills to build trust-based relationships with their employees and take the necessary steps to generate and sustain a culture where employees cooperate, innovate, and give their personal best.

The key objectives of the workshop are to articulate the special role of leaders in creating a winning culture, identify obstacles that keep managers from creating a thriving workplace, evaluate their direct reports and create a coaching plan, and brainstorm ideas to take concrete actions to enhance workplace culture in a human, engaging way.

As key takeaways from the workshop, Managers will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Trust in teams.
  • Recognize opportunities to create a great workplace environment.
  • Learn the application of tools and techniques to enhance trust and engagement within teams.
  • Design simple, yet powerful action plans to strengthen relationships at your workplace.

Culture Audit© - People Practice Workshop

Do your policies and practices help create a great workplace?
The People Practices Workshop is an inspiring and productive mode of learning, emerging out of an action planning session on the key people practice areas in your organization. This workshop enables the organization and its people managers to look at the current people practices and evaluate their impact on employees’ workplace experience in the context of best people practices of the best workplaces. It also helps in understanding the cardinal principles of designing efficacious people practices & prioritizing people practice areas in your organization that need to be strengthened for highest impact.

Employee Value Proposition Workshop

The employee value proposition (EVP) is a powerful tool that organizations use to attract and retain talent.
The workshop gets business leaders to articulate EVP attributes. This is done through a combination of case studies, tools, exercises and pre-workshop interviews. The workshop checks specifically for Alignment between the EVP attributes and the Corporate Brand, Differentiation vis-à-vis competition and Alignment to values, vision, future business goals etc.


Build a Great Workplace Culture