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I am curious why a particular company is on your best companies list.  What criteria do you use to determine your lists?

The primary criteria for certification or list inclusion is whether a company’s employees themselves say their organisation is a great workplace. For certification, a company needs to meet certain pre-defined thresholds and for featuring on any of the lists, two-thirds of the scoring of each company is based on employees’ responses to a randomly distributed employee survey, which is taken anonymously and is, at the least, a representative sample of each company’s population. The remaining third is based on our analysis and expert rating of the company’s people related programs and practices, compared with other applicants.

We conduct several audits of the data that we receive to ensure that we receive accurate data, and will disqualify companies if we find that surveys have not been distributed randomly, where a representative sample is to be surveyed, or there was any pressure to reply in a certain manner.  If you have additional information you feel would be important to bring to our attention, please contact us through our website  and let us know. It is absolutely essential for the integrity of our evaluations that we ensure we are receiving accurate data, and we welcome you to contact us, if you have reason to believe this is not the case, so we can pursue this with your organisation, while maintaining absolute confidentiality and anonymity.

I am part of a multinational organisation and I want to apply to best company lists or  engage your services in multiple countries.  What should I do?

Great Place to Work® has experience working with multinational organisations to create a consistent workplace culture across cultural boundaries and structural or programmatic differences. Consulting services and application to best companies lists can be centrally coordinated to save your leaders time and centralize the collection and analysis of international results. Contact Basuri Dutta, who is head of our corporate business development team, who can walk you through the options available to you.

I have a question about your Latin American or European regional lists.

These regional lists are produced out of our global headquarters and determined based on data collected through individual countries’ list applications in Asia & Middle-East, Latin America and Europe.

Do you have a list of the world’s best workplaces?

Yes, we do have a list of ‘World’s Best Workplaces’. It is based upon data collected as part of our national list projects. Please visit our website to view all the past annual releases.

How can I get your founders, senior leaders or consultants to speak at my conference?

A. Our founders, CEO, and other senior leaders are happy to consider speaking at your conference or for your leadership group. Please contact us and a staff member will follow up with you shortly to discuss the opportunity further.

I have a great story to tell about my company. With whom should I speak to get your help sharing it?

Great Place to Work® offers numerous opportunities to publicize success stories for great workplaces. It’s part of our mission — as it provides recognition to great workplaces, motivation to others to follow your example, and best practices that help others succeed. Please contact us and a staff member will follow up with you to discuss opportunities, which typically may include speaking engagements at conferences and networking events, being highlighted in webinars and Great Place to Work workshops, being invited to apply to our list competitions, or being highlighted in Great Place to Work reports, business case studies or via media partnership coverage.

I am writing a research paper for my academic program and would like access to your data set.  Can you provide it?

Given to the high-profile and unique nature of the long-term data we have collected internationally, we receive an extremely high number of requests for access to our data.  We are unable to support the vast majority of requests as our strict confidentiality requirements preclude many possible projects.

Researchers and/or writers who have a track record of publication and are requesting data to support papers or books that will be written for recognized journals or publishing houses may contact us to initiate a discussion about the possible use of research data to support your work.  Students who are interested in using our data are encouraged to review our Careers page and take advantage of our numerous internship opportunities internationally.


Q. What do you do, other than publish lists?

Great Place to Work® exists to build a better world by helping organizations become Great Places to Work For All.  We help organizations build a High-Trust; High-Performance CultureTM by using our knowledge of the Best Workplaces globally. Best Workplaces Lists are an important part of our work, as they gather data and research that we can use as resources to help any organisation learn from the best and improve their workplace; they provide important motivation and recognition in the marketplace for those companies who are successful in creating outstanding workplaces.

At our core, our business is about analysing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of individual organisations as they seek to create great workplaces. We provide data, analysis, recommendations, as well as support with respect to Manager Capability Building and Certification and resources in the form of events, peer networking, research and publications that will help any company in any industry anywhere in the world to create a great workplace.

To find out more, read about Why We Do What We Do and Our Services.

Do I need to be a consulting client or purchase reports to have my company make it on one of your lists?  Can you help me get on one of your lists?

No. Great Place to Work® is in the business or helping organizations create a High-Trust; High-Performance CultureTM and not in the business of helping organisations get certified or get on best workplace lists. Our certification and list evaluations are based on an objective interpretation of your company’s employee survey and Culture Audit© data and the system does not take into account any broader purchase history or engagement with Great Place to Work®. We encourage participants to make use of the survey data and analysis that is available as part of the process, in order to take advantage of the opportunity to improve their workplaces, but decisions to purchase reports and other services have no bearing on our analysis.

Organisations are eligible to apply to our certification and recognition programmes and are successful achieving recognition on them regardless of whether they choose to consult with us or use our services. The integrity of our certification and list evaluation process is of utmost importance to us.

We do believe that years of dedicated analysis of the best companies gives us unique insight into how companies can create great workplaces and we are passionate about helping companies to be successful doing so. We set clear expectations up front with all clients that we are in the business of helping organisations improve their workplace culture, not helping clients to get certified or appear on one of our lists.


There are a lot of best companies, best workplace, and best employer lists in my market.  What’s the difference between them?  Which do you publish?

Great Place to Work® is proud to be the founder of the great workpace and best employer movement. Co-founder Robert Levering spearheaded the recognition of great workplaces as an important business goal with the publication of his book the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 1984. The Institute’s first lists, published in Exame in Brazil and in FORTUNE in the United States in 1997 soon expanded to a global movement.
Great Place to Work® is a gold standard in workplace culture assessment and is distinguished in the market by employers, media and the public by it’s outstanding and reliable methodology and premiere media partnerships. Great workplaces have been our exclusive research focus since the founding of our business. Our evaluation methodology is rigorous and known in the market to be objective, thorough and credible. Recognition by the Institute is held as the highest accolade of great workplace performance by business leaders and job seekers alike and provides the opportunity for employers not only to receive recognition, but to receive data and analysis that help them substantially improve.

To find out more about the media partners for our lists, please see Our Locations.

I see you don’t have an office in my country. I am interested in starting up a Great Place to Work®business here. Who can I contact about this?

Great Place to Work currently has expansion plans in several global markets. To find out more about these opportunities, or to propose a new business partnership, please contact Erika Richardson Koh in our global office.


I have another question that you haven’t answered. Where can I go?

Please contact us! Our staff will be happy to direct your question appropriately.