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The Great Place to Work® Certification Programme

Great Place to Work® Institute conducts research on workplace culture and recognises leading workplaces in close to 60 countries on six continents. Based on results of surveys representing over 12 million employees and more than 8500 companies around the globe, these best companies’ competitions form the basis of the world’s largest and most respected set of studies of workplace excellence, management and the role of trust in workplace culture.

Great Place to Work® Certification is a gold standard that organizations aspire to achieve. Business leaders and researchers rely on Great Place to Work® metrics — the Trust Index© and Culture Audit© to establish the standard that defines a great workplace.

Trust Index©


Culture Audit©


Why get Certified?

For the companies, this certification represents the most definitive employer-of-choice and workplace quality recognition that any organization can receive. Great Place to Work® Certification helps an organization know the pulse of its employees’ experience, as well as benchmark itself against global standards. The assessment process reveals key factors that define as well as compare the culture at an organization with that of its competitors. Your company can be a great workplace and more successful as a result.

Get A Snapshot Of Trust Levels Between Employees And The Organization

Compare Your Workplace Culture With Competitors And The Best Companies

Show Commitment To Employees About Improving Workplace Culture

Project Your Employer Brand Externally

Attract & Retain Talent

Get Insights On How HR Programs Are Perceived By Employees


Earn National Recognition

How It Works

Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is rigorous and objective, setting a global standard for defining great workplaces for business, academia, the non-profit sector and government. We take pride in maintaining the highest level of integrity in our evaluation process.

Survey Your Employees

Step 1:
Select a 2-week window to launch our industry-proven tool – the Trust Index© Survey (Preparation: 4 hours, Completion: 20 minutes/employee)

Share People Practices

Step 2:
Provide details of your company’s policies and programs for evaluation through our Culture Audit© tool (2-5 days)


Step 3:
We would validate and share the highlights of the assessment results and communicate if you have met the thresholds of certification


Step 4:
On successfully meeting the thresholds, your organisation will be awarded the Great Place to Work® Certification, for you to use for your Employer Branding.

& Insights

Step 5:
Organizations can choose and buy from our various reporting options to get insights, benchmarks and recommendations based on the results



Step 6:
You’ll be automatically considered for all our Best Workplaces lists for 12 months from your date of certification.

Great Place to Work - Certified™ Organisations

Certified Organisations make
India’s Best Workplaces

Findings, in the form of Best Companies lists, are published annually with our esteemed media partners. ‘India’s Best Companies to Work’ list is published with The Economic Times while ‘India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces’ list is published with Mint (HT Media). In addition to these annual lists, industry-specific lists are published to praise the efforts of companies in the larger industry sectors such as IT, BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, to name a few. Great Place to Work® Institute and its media partners will only publicise information about companies that make the list.

Globally, the Great Place to Work affiliates across nearly 60 countries, publish similar lists with their respective media partners – The Financial Times in UK, Fortune Magazine in US and Korea, Época in Brazil, to name a few.

Calendar 2018

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Best Employers’ Club

The Best Employers’ Club is an elite group of CXOs or Business Heads of those organizations which have featured among ‘India’s Best Companies to Work For’ or ‘India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces’. The member CXOs come together in a series of regular meetings, once every quarter, across a year to learn, share and contribute towards creating a great workplace culture – a culture that fuels performance. Read More

Getting Great Place to Work – Certified™ is the first step to joining the elite Best Employers’ Club

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